Brick Repointing/Tuck-pointing New York
A thick of paste of mortar is initially applied at the beginning of any masonry construction. This paste sets and hardens, which creates a tight seal between Bricks and blocks to prevent air and moisture from entering the construction. The technique of repairing these mortar joints between the bricks and the masonry elements, in the maintenance of any building is known as Brick Pointing.  In simple terms, brick repointing is a process to fix only the mortar joints, not the bricks or the entire foundation of the structure. Brick cleaning and washing NYC prevent the mortar from deterioration.

When do you need Brick Re-pointing work?
It is rather simple to evaluate whether a wall will require repointing by sight. Have a close look at the brickwork and if you observe any visible spaces where there once was a mortar, then it is time to consider repointing of the wall. Hire the best brick repointing contractors in NY to get the best repointing work at a reasonable quote. It is more important when the remaining mortar keeps growing soft day by day and is easily scraped away with minimal effort. Failing to notice these warning signs and repoint leaves your wall at a greater risk of erosion and damage due to rain and frost.

Brick Repair and Restoration by Construction Repair New York
Brick repairs New York can save any further damage to the wall than what it is now. The chances of leaking water through the crack and dampening the walls of the house are now more than ever. Mortar allows water to pass freely without seeping into the bricks. But if the wall is left in the deteriorating state, the water will start seeping into the bricks, which will eventually compromise the entire structure. Brick repair and restoration by construction repair new york is necessary to preserve the integrity of the structure. Tuck pointing is a refinement process of brick pointing for decorative purposes.

Why Choose us for Brick Pointing & Repair Job?

The entire process of brick pointing may seem very easy, but it takes the experience to complete the job perfectly. Poorly done repointing will lead to further deterioration of the wall. If your house has Stone Walls instead of Brick Walls, then call in the professionals for Stone Pointing in new york to fix your deteriorating stone walls. The professionals make sure that the overall look of the structure is improved and it also reduces the need for other repairs or rehabilitation work. Brick Restoration Services also ensure that there is no reduction in property value.

Most people avoid hiring a professional team for brick pointing in order to save money. But in the long run, they end up paying more for the raw materials, the tools and equipment, and the frequent repairs due to improper pointing by themselves. The work done by us is unmatchable to any amateur.